About Our Team

The institute staff and its leader Dr. Gary Byrd are experts in the development of training and counseling programs for anger management, substance abuse, family violence intervention, individual and couple counseling, and positive attitude life management services. However, for some, the ability to control the anger response, needs some real help. Help that only a qualified team of Anger Management training professionals can provide through a certified Anger Management Course. The High Impact Anger Management Training courses offered by the Anger Management Institute can develop the necessary anger response transformation that significantly improves lives. Anger Management courses improve lives by helping people gain control. Anger is a response, that when uncontrolled, becomes a bad habit, which often results in very poor life choices. Anger Management Course training provides a series of self-awareness and improvement steps to assist in making the right choices; ensuring people can take control, make better choices, and get on with their intended purpose in life.

A well-designed Anger Management Course leads to effective response control and a better way to live. The High Impact Training/Anger Management Institute has an outstanding team of certified professionals that can deliver the results individuals need to stay in control and truly improve their lives.The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia is a member of the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC). More importantly, the team at the Anger Management Institute applies the principals that these certification boards demand, to helping people every day.The team is directed by Dr. Gary Byrd. Dr. Byrd is an experienced authority on anger management, substance abuse, family violence intervention, individual and couple counseling, and the full range of positive attitude life management services. Dr. Byrd is also an accomplished author and has written several books on the subject of anger management.

The book: Choice Based Anger Control, covers the principles and techniques that form the basis of the exceptional Anger Management Course, offered by the institute. The Anger Management course is key part of the overall portfolio of life fulfilling programs offered by the Anger Management Institute.

Our Goal

The goal of the Anger Management curriculum is to help course participants achieve a high degree of emotional intelligence and to be in full control of their lives. Sudden and uncontrolled anger can lead to bad choices that can derail one’s future. The board-certified staff at the Anger Management Institute has
the experience and qualifications to deliver truly effective Anger Management Course; a program that delivers results and puts people back on a positive life track. In addition to the institute’s highly successful Anger Management Course, the institute offers training for counselors that help people with substance abuse and/or family violence issues. The Anger Management Institute is uniquely qualified to not only train individuals seeking a better life path, but life counselors as well. Help with impulse controls in all forms creates a path for a healthy and overall improved life experience.

This extensive research has been the basis of several books written by Dr. Byrd, and it is this research that is applied to the continuous improvement of the Anger Management Course. The institutes certified team of instructors is very experienced in the principles and methods required to delver an effective control process. In all training forms: seminars, workshops and counseling sessions the instructors apply a well-researched methodology. The Anger Management Course is a counseling session that follows process cycle that starts with assessment to determine the specific nature of the anger
issue that needs to be solved. The process continues to identify the anger habit, root cause issues of anger issues, triggers and hot-spots. The exploration of anger and self-talk, communication styles, are additional program components that lead to specific control techniques, dealing with stress as an example.
The Anger Management Course culminates with an individualized path to emotional intelligence and defined anger management plan. The Anger Management Institute methodology delivers the results individuals need to keep their anger urges in control and truly improve their future.

The teen course follows a similar process to the adult program, with added emphasis on expressing feelings, self-control and a focus on breathing exercises to help the teen apply more clear thought and more carefully respond to their anger triggers. Another example of specialized application of the Anger
Management Course is the institute’s course on road-rage. Recent studies indicate this is a dangerous trend that the institutes certified team of instructors is well equipped to deliver the counseling required to avoid control loss and bad choices on the highway.