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Certified Anger Management Training

Choice Based Anger Control

Anger is a normal human emotion but when it is mismanaged it can be very destructive to the angry person and to the recipient of the anger outburst. Anger mismanagement is a major problem in our society and its effects can be seen in assaults, aggravated assaults, road rage, air rage, school violence, physical violence, psychological abuse, family violence, intimate partner violence and violence caused by weapon offenses.

There is an increasing number of people seeking assistance in learning how to manage intense, reactionary anger. There is a growing need for anger management specialists who are knowledgeable and equipped to provide state of the art anger management services. The Certified Anger Management Specialist training is designed to assist you in becoming proficient at providing high quality and results driven anger management services.

The Certified Anger Management Specialist Training is based on assisting clients in developing accountability and responsibility for their thinking, feeling, and action. The foundational principle of Choice-Based Anger Control is “Life is Choice and Action Driven.” Anger is a choice and we all are responsible for how we respond to anger provoking situations.


The fee for the 2-day training program is $250.00

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