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Certified Grief Specialist Training

Grief is one of the deepest pains we experience. It is the normal and adaptive process of adjusting to any experience of loss or unwanted change. It is always a shock, whether the loss was expected or not. The loss of something important to us and grieving over it is a common experience for all of us. Although all of us go through it, people usually do not talk about losses. It seems that loss and grief is something that people experience in isolation, something each of us has to work through by him/herself.


The Certified Grief Specialist Training will give you the tools you need to effectively help grievers cope and adapt from loss as well as an opportunity for personal healing. The in-depth certification training gives you the language, tools, and materials you need to start helping people immediately. In 3 days you will be a Certified Grief Specialist with the format and guidelines to facilitate Individual Sessions as well as Grief Support Groups.


Your investment for the three days is $350

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