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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana is the number one illicit drug used in America. According to SAMHSA 2004, 14.6 million people ages 12 and older had smoked marijuana in the preceding month.

Marijuana is the number one cause of positive urine test for people on probation or parole. 

It is extremely difficult for most marijuana addicts to admit that they are dependent on the substance. Due to the relatively low intensity of physiological withdrawal symptoms resulting from heavy marijuana use, most marijuana dependent people tend to view marijuana as not dependence producing.

However, the research indicates that regular use of marijuana can lead to a drug dependence syndrome characterized by impaired control over marijuana use, preoccupation with its use, tolerance of its effects, and recognizable withdrawal symptoms following abrupt discontinuation of its use.

Some of Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Aggression

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Anger

  • Restlessness

  • Sleep problems

  • Decreased appetite

Who should attend the MAT

The Marijuana ADDICTION Treatment (MAT) is for people seeking treatment to stop their marijuana use. People with a pattern of long-term marijuana use may have chronic symptoms of physiological and psychological dependence as well as impairments in other life areas, such as family relationships, intrapersonal and interpersonal capabilities, work, and educational achievement.

People Who Have Marijuana Dependency Problems May Have:

  1. Put off actions and decisions to the point of being a burden on family and friends.

  2. Given up personal aspirations.

  3. Had nagging health concerns, such as worries about lung damage.

  4. Made excuses for unfinished tasks or broken promises.

  5. Experienced disapproval from family and friends.

  6. Been involved in the criminal justice system.


Number of Group Sessions: 10 

Day of week and group times:

  1. Tuesday Group: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

  2. Wednesday Group: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

  3. Saturday Group: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm




    Assessment:  $110

    Group (face to face): $30 per session

    Online sessions: $45 per session

    Marijuana Workbook: $25

    Urine Drug Screen: $20



  1. Each participant must complete all homework assignment.

  2. Remain alcohol and drug free.

  3. Be on time for each group.

  4. Be willing to submit to random urine screens.

  5. Be willing to examine their marijuana use and make changes.

  6. Contribute positively to the group experience.

  7. If on probation or parole, all positive urine screens will be forwarded to the referring officer/court.

Pausing vs. Stopping Marijuana Use

Most marijuana addicts are quick to tell you that they can quit any time. They then go on to tell you about how many times they have quit. Most will tell you that they have been smoking for years and they have quit several times. What most are describing is the PAUSE syndrome. Pausing is just that; you pause and then resume. Many speak with pride about the number of times they have PAUSED. 
STOPPING is being able to turn the corner on marijuana use and not return. We teach you how to STOP.

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